About Dastavard Company

Khoshkbarpardazan with industrial companies gained more than 15 years working in the packaging industry in nuts. The packaging industry has been able to achieve great success

Achieved with the most advanced packaging machines and now after years of excellence with the right help, effort and perseverance seasoned managment and staff, could be one of the best in the industry, nuts and dried fruits


What is gained of Dastavard company

Dastavard company with packaged nuts and dried fruits such as pistachio, almond, peanut, badamhndy figs, dried berries, seeds and most diverse types of plums, completely hygienic and good quality, able to attract many customers

And It shoud be noted that the achievement of Lbalvhay dried under vacuum to the health director and the most advanced packaging machines and offers the most prestigousstores


Where to purchase the products achieved

Products obtained in all the chain stores and supermarkets also found to be the best

You refer to your nearest store chain location can use the acqired products and purchased it. So once you try to do for our customers


The benefits of packaged nuts

It is good to know it jylhay and fungal infections, such as the ability of nuts have Aflaksyn industrial licenses with regard to health, is required to measure fungal Aflaksyn on their products